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Internet advertising services to the organizations, which work in the fields of geodesy, map-making, GIS, topography, cadastre, land management, land surveying, mine survey, photogrammetry, remote sensing, GNSS (GPS, GLONASS).

Scheme and ways of banners placement
  • Banner 728x90 top
  • Banner 468х60 top
  • Banner 468х60 middle centre
  • Banner 125x125 middle side
  • Commercial rating - show the link to the advertiser site in the 1st page (not below the paid place) in the results of sample out of the Internet catalogue.

Ways of banners placement on-line in the Catalogue GeoTop

  • Advertising place rent. Banners of the only one advertiser are demonstrated on the rented place.
  • Joint advertising place rent. Banners of the advertiser are demonstrated together with the banners of the other advertisers. In this case banners of the different advertisers change each other in a random way (by a principle of random numbers).
  • Banners shows buying. Banner is demonstrated on the site in a random way. Site pages and the place of banners display on the page are not defined. Banner is demonstrated on free of rent places.
Image advertising (branding)
General sponsor and portal sponsors

At the services to branch companies on-line the Catalogue GeoTop offers image advertising, promoting the process of forming, stimulation and firming of a positive image of the company (trade mark) in mind of consumers.

Organizations, to which services of image advertising are rendered, have the status of General sponsor of the portal or the Sponsor of the portal.

Conditions of placement of sponsors advertising on-line in the Catalogue GeoTop are specified personally.

Usually we offer an integrated banners placement to the advertisers-sponsors. Moreover banners of our sponsors are placed in the most visited pages of the site.

We regard sponsor's advertising both as advertising and as the contribution to the support of the media project GeoTop, which is useful for geodetic, cartographical and GIS branches, and with all our heart we thank our sponsors for this support.

Advertise with Us

If you are interested in advertising your products and services in Russia, please contact the administration of the Project GeoTop by e-mail. We inform you about the prices on the placement of Internet advertising on-line in the Catalogue GeoTop and technical requirements.


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